[after image] My Beautiful...

Susie Wong Solo Exhibition 05 . 09 . 2014 - 05.10.2014
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  • The sun was fierce, the land seemed to glisten and drip with steam, 2012, 63.5x96cm, UV Ultra II Radiant White 105gsm
  • ...Some Situations where the barbarian and the, so-called, civilised man must meet upon the same ground, 2012, 63.5x96cm, UV Ultra II Radiant White 105gsm
  • The land remains where God had put it; but white men they come and in a little while they go, 2012, 63.5x96cm, UV Ultra II Radiant White 105gsm
  • Cherry Blossom 2, 2011, 63.5x96cm, UV Ultra II Radiant White 105gsm
  • Tsunami 2, 2011, 63.5x96cm, UV Ultra II Radiant White 105gsm
  • Weightless 1, 2012, 127 x 94 cm, Map Litho paper 95gsm
  • Weightless 4, 2012, 127 x 94 cm, Map Litho paper 95gsm
  • Susie is installing her exhition at Space Cottonseed, 2014
Space Cottonseed is proud to present [after image] My Beautiful... , a solo exhibition of a renowned Singaporean artist Susie Wong. Her first solo presentation at Space Cottonseed.  [after image] My Beautiful... will showcase works by Wong, featuring three different series of drawings that trace old photographs.
In recent years, she produced works using the technique of tracing old photographs on tracing paper. The trace was made over an enlarged image placed on a light-box with a series of pencil hatchings. But in the process of copying, some accuracy, precision or exactness were lost, which transformed the image into a reminiscence of it. This allowed her to display varying depths in the works.

The exhibition will comprise a series of landscape drawings, cherry blossoms and her late father. In the landscape drawings, by capturing serene and calm landscapes with excerpts from books by Joseph Conrad, an author whose writings spoke to her, Wong revisits landscapes, whether remembered or imagined, of Java or Sumatra.

Embracing nostalgia, and speaking acutely of grief, Wong illustrated cherry blossoms, whose fragile blooms emphasize the ephemerality of life, along with a series of portrait drawings of Wong’s deceased father ‘Weightless,’ just a few months before his death. The juxtaposition of a tenuous life against the joyful face of a frail man before his death forces one to embrace the transcience of life.  

[after image] My Beautiful…  is the second presentation of Wong’s series of tracings that were shown at Esplanade earlier this year.  However, at Space Cottonseed, Wong will allow the subtlety and delicacy of the artworks to be seen up close, without the harsh light of a lightbox showing through. This allows the viewer to sense the poignancy and reminiscence Wong had, and experience the intimacy of her work up close. It offers the viewer a chance to be in the moment, just the viewer and the surface.

Susie Wong is an art writer, curator and artist. She is a painter in the oil medium, and works mainly in the figurative for her body of works. She has also developed installation works applying drawings, photographs, and video media. Based in Singapore, her practice began in the 1980s. She had several solo exhibitions of her work since the 1990s in Singapore and Malaysia. She is also a writer who has reviewed the arts in Singapore for over two decades.