Singapore Open Media Art Festival 2017

13 Curators & Speakers from Korea and Singapore 20 . 01 . 2017 - 21 . 01 . 2017
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  • Mioon, artsolaris.org, 20160303.
  • Ong Kian Peng, Coronado, 2011
  • Tan Kai Syng, Kaidie, 2010
  • Anreas Schlegel, Taking Pictures of People Taking Pictures, 3D prints, Paris, 2015
  • Jangwon Lee, Enlightment #02, Mirror, wood, custom software, 2013
  • Heung-sup Jung, Digital Fossil, Installation
  • Urich Lau, Life Circuit2.0(3), Format: Performance
  • SPANG&LEI, Phantom Limb I Photo by Omkaar Kotedia / Source: http://www.thealternativelimbproject.com/project/phantom-limb/
  • PROTOROOM, Installation for Sensuous Transforming of 0 I 1 signal ver. 1 , NTT ICC, Tokyo, Japan
Singapore Open Media Art Festival 2017

20  – 21 January 2017
LASALLE College of the Arts

1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940

Organized and presented by Singapore Open Media Art Festival Organization Committee
Collaborated with Space Cottonseed

Space Cottonseed is proud to present Singapore Open Media Art Festival 2017. The second issue of SOMAF will be held on 20 & 21 January in 2017 as a two-day long event, held at LASALLE College of the Arts.
SOMAF was established in 2015 as a three night long indoor and outdoor media art festival in Gillman Barracks. It brought over 4,000 audiences over the three night programs. Whereas SOMAF 2015 was a site-specific project that related life and art, SOMAF 2017 will be a time-specific project in which Korea and Singapore discuss future  by placing media art on the table. Looking through media (and art) SOMAF 2017 will explore diverse aspects of future society we can imagine and discuss. It will be comprised with a forum and a related workshop to examine long-term directions of Singapore Open Media Art Festival and to explore new ideas for the next issue of SOMAF.

SOMAF aims to provide a space in which Singapore and Korea design the near future and share ideas through ‘media’ and ‘art.’  For this, LASALLE College of the Arts as a crucial educational institution that tries to explore interdiciplinary consilience among visual art, design, new media, performance art and so on, as the host for SOMAF.

The series of programs are open to the public. Please check the details of the program at our FB page.

Art of Things: Korea & Singapore Media Art Forum

1. Workshop: “Open Media Folders” - Folders: codes and switches to Communicate

Date: 20 January 2017 (10am ~ 1pm)
Venue: #F309, LASALLE College of the Arts
Lecturers: PROTOROOM (Hoonida KIM & SeungBum KIM)

2. Forum: Art of Things
Date: 20 & 21 January 2017 (2pm ~ 6pm)
Venue:  #F202, LASALLE College of the Arts

*Day 1: Ontological Objects in Media Art
20 January 2017, Friday

2:00~2:20pm        Greeting and speeches
2:20~2:50pm        Yonghee Sung (Independent Curator)
2:50~3:20pm        Jaehee Kim (HK Research Professor at Ewha Institute for the Humanities)
3:20~3:50pm        Ong Kian Peng (Media Artist)
3:50~4:10pm        Break
4:00~4:30pm        Jangwon Lee (Artist)
4:30~5:00pm        Urich Lau (Artist)
5:00~5:30pm        Round Table (Moderated by by Janice Kim, Independent Curator)

*Day 2: Post-Digital and Post-Human Symptoms
21 January 2017, Saturday

2:00~2:30pm        Mioon (Artist)
2:30~3:00pm        Andreas Schlegel (Coordinator at Media Lab, LASALLE)
3:00~3:30pm        Tan Kai Syng (Artist, Leeds College of Art)
3:30~3:45pm        Break
3:45~4:15pm        Heung-sup Jung(Artist)
4:15~4:45pm        PROTOROOM (New Media Collective Group)
4:45~5:15pm        SPANG&LEI (Performance Studies Researcher)
5:15~5:45pm        Round Table (Moderated by Yow Siew Kah, Researcher, Educator and Writer)